Liking when Unfollowing - is it safe?

Hello guys, I’ve heard a lot that following and unfollowing at the same time is bad. I’ve also heard that liking and unfollowing isn’t. So is liking when unfollowing really safe ? And what would be your settings to stay on the safe site. How many people do you like ? Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

NP for me, Follow ±800 Unfollow ±800 Liking ±500 (Aged Account)

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Thank you very much for your opinion. I’ve also had pretty high settings that worked with aged accounts but I’m pretty scared…

Sometimes I thought, if accounts r working hard, and getting banned. immediately to recover it. and when the account is re-activated, you will have an outstanding account, anti-banned LOL

the following and unfollowing at the same time idea has been discussed numerous times on the forum, use the search feature and you’ll find big topics where people discuss it :wink: my take… you need to look like a human, humans follow and unfollow during the same day so that’s not really something bad…

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Unfortunately I already read everything on these threads. I think I read every big thread on this forum. But yeah I just wanted to gather some opinions :slight_smile: