Limit concurrent actions per proxy

I am using 5 accounts per 4g proxy for instagram marketing. I have limited 10 concurrent instagram actions on Settings-Social Platforms- Instagram tab as i am using about 50 accounts on 10 proxies.
I want to make sure that no 2 accounts work on the same proxy simultaneously. Is there a way to limit that? I cant find the option.

Schedule what time each account does its actions, as opposed to just having them run until they reach their goal.


Thanks, That is definitely a valid way of doing it. I just thought Jarvee should give this option so that accounts work when other accounts are taking a break between actions. This way one can work on 4-5 accounts every 5-6 hours and schedule next batch, thus allowing to safely work on 15-20 accounts per 4g proxy. i was using another great bot till now which had this option and was very useful.

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I don’t think there’s a point in having that much safety. If you don’t receive blocks you can easily let them run 5 accounts in parallel. Or switch to better 4Gs