Limited Hashtag Exposure

My exposure has dropped recently, so to test I’ve just done a new post and when I check the hashtags I can see it in most recent but then I switched over to one of my other accounts and checked the most recent hashtags and I couldn’t see the post. I then checked from a third and fourth account and I could see the post?

You’ve confirmed it’s hashtags your reach has disappeared from or just in general?
Also, how large were the hashtags you used to test? I believe IG is known to show different images to different people on hashtags based on interest etc.

I heard from multiple people that the reach from # went down in the last week. Hopefully they change the algorithm again soon.

yeap # reaches dropped a lot for me too even on rly high er accounts

Could maybe also be a post loading issue.Was the other account allready opened in EB?

Did the account have Phone verification request? Limited reach (shadowban) last for about 2 weeks after PV. No posts will be shown on hashtags.