Limited in-app follow notification from mass followers—new type of penalty?

Hi all. I’ve noticed an trend on Insta when I’m followed by accounts that already follow large numbers of users (perhaps also in a short space of time; difficult to know for sure)—in these instances, the follow notification is buried way down in the activity tab, presented out of sequence and never shown as ‘New’ despite happening since I last opened the app.

I’ve attached two screenshots to illustrate (sorry for the heavy redactions :sweat_smile:)

Mass-following accounts in turn escape my notice when they follow me. It seems like this could be designed to reduce the appeal of automated follow actions, should accounts be flagged as such. This never happens with follows from regular accounts.

I can’t speak to whether these follows would trigger a regular push notification or not, as I have over 2K followers and no longer receive follow notifications. But I would go out on a limb and guess that accounts flagged to appear lower down the notification tab are also not triggering push notifications generally for <2K users.

Interested to hear if you’ve had similar experiences, and any thoughts on what this could mean.


it’s actually interesting. If it’s real and you’re right then that means that instagram is taking serious actions against bots


i think it’s serious action against spammers, not against bots.

I think probably it was happening because of issues on Instagram’s side
check downdetector
don’t panic :slight_smile:

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Here my notifications are all normal

Actually, these screenshots were taken weeks apart! And I’ve noticed it on other occasions too.

The accounts that had their follow notifications buried appeared to very clearly be following on mass, however from what I’ve seen, it’s only happened to maybe 10% of mass follower notifications.

I’d love to know what causes an account to be flagged for this or not and if it’s permanent. If they apply this to regular f/uf activity, it wouldn’t matter what our follow limit is, nothing would be seen. That would be even bigger than the follow block.

On what kind of proxy are you running those accounts?

Actually, these aren’t my accounts; I’m noticing it just as a user being followed by other accounts that are clearly mass-following.

Then I think it could happen if Instagram 100% tracked the bot usage from these guys, I hope they are using the terrible services and here is the result of their activity

probably ig bug or bot activity on some accs

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