Limits have been placed on my Facebook Page

Yesterday both of my Facebook business pages got restricted from sending messages via Messenger.
And I’m sure it’s a mistake because I didn’t send any message at all.

All I did I just added my friend’s Facebook account as an administrator on my pages, and after he accepted the invite, his FB account got blocked immediately to a place where they ask him to send his face to them.
After like 10 hours I got this restricted and also my posts reach is super low it’s now 10-60 people reach per post just one day before it was 30K-90K reach per post. Yeah they killed my bussniess without a reason. is there anything i can do to remove the restricted from sending messages.
Thank you

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Remove your friends account

Already did that, afater just 5 min later

Its possible they ll lift your restrictions when your friend will receive an answer, did he receive it?

No, i have to wait 1 month until they remove it, that’s what they told me

I have received this similar “limits have been placed on…” four times in the past three months. Appealed each time. Each time I reviewed what could be the potential issue. Each time I had received zero response. I have no clue what the issue could be. Certainly, I am open to suggestions. Is it possible that it is an attack of persons who don’t like the page or topic?

How to remove
Limits have been fb pages