Link IG profile to IG Stories Music Artist


I had a look on the web and I couldn’t find an answer for this:
How I can link my instagram profile to my music on the stories?
Let me explain:
I have my own music on Spotify and after I share it on my stories and I click on it, it appears a pop-up with the artist name. If I click on it, it says “No profile has been linked to this artist.” Instead of, with many popular songs (but also not), if you click on it, it lead you to the artist Instagram page.
I’m pretty sure this is not related to how popular an artist could be.
I’ve attached a screenshot of what I’m talking about.

Thanks in advance


Go to spotify for artists and link your song to a artist profile


Unfortunately it’s not that easy. It’s already linked.


I have also tried this and doesn’t work… the music still says no profile has been linked


Hello, did you find a way to do that? I’d really want to know it!


Same here, would be curious to know for a friend who does music :slight_smile:


yo man

PM your song i think i’ve a solution


If anyone has any information, please share. Trying to figure out the same thing.


Same here, but I think this is Instagram’s responsibility not spotify.