Link in Bio or website Area?

Simple CPA question as am new to IG CPA

Is it better to have link in bio or in the website area.

example :
Get free followers follow this link : mycpalink

Get free followers

(place link in the website field )

Which one is giving you higher CTR, which one is safer from accounts point ?

I could just attach this post to any of the journeys but i think its more beneficial for specific questions to have their own thread so we can hear couple different opinions on about it.

It’s safer in bio, but you’ll get less visits since it’s not clickable.

In website field: it’s clickable, will bring you more clicks, but more risky. Most people use this.

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Yes it’s safer in bio. People generally use links bundler as Linktree or Here is an example of a Link in Bio with profilr

Ya for multiple links
AM mostly interested in balancing between good amount of clicks and account safety for CPA as those links are more risky

Im interested in this as well. Has anybody tried both? Is there a significant difference in profits when comparing where the link is placed?

What is a really, really short link shortener? If its really easy to remember a user can just go out of instagram and search it in another browser.