Link in story being blocked

I’m currently unsing Instagram story links to promote an adult website. Recently the link qould not show up in the story when I added it in the link.
I bought another domain and it worked for about a day.
I dont want to buy a new domain every time. Does anyone know how to work around a story link block? Or keep the domain name under Instagram’s radar?

Have you tried using services like linktree to mask your link? Using redirection services might not help, because Insta will find out eventually. Using Linktree means Insta will think your page lands on the linktree page, and your users can click through to the final link from the interstitial.

No personal experience with this, but no harm in trying, right?

I just took a look at linktree. It looks like the click through rate and my conversions would drop significantly doing this

Anytime you mask a link you are going to lower your CTR. Level 2 and 3 is full of ways to mask your URL, but all of them will lower your CTR over a bare URL. Thats the trade off.

I would mask it and then whatever the drop in clicks is, just add more accounts to get the numbers back up.


That’s exactly it. :+1:

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-I bought another domain instead. Ill try not to let the story run for more than 24 hours since I’m sure this is when they blocked the link.
-My other accounts in this niche aren’t above 10k as yes so I couldnot just add more.
-If this doesnt work then ill just go to link tree or a cloaker.
Ill update this thread in case other have this issue


I used my new domain with the redirect on a swipe up story last night. The story is still up but if I send a dm with the link Instagram says that it is unsafe.

-Next ill have to give a cloaker a try. Hopefully the loss in conversions wont be too much since my rate is already low.