Link in tiktok bio deleted

Anyone else got their link in their bio deleted? I can see it when I’m logged in but nobody else can.
Not sure what I’m supposed to do to avoid this lol

I got it automatically deleted few times but I just added it back again and all was good

Maybe TikTok didn’t like this specific link that you added. :slight_smile:

i sometimes get my bio deleted or profile pic deleted, i just add it back tho

yes that can happen if they don’t like the link that you have, try to change it and see if other users will see it or not.

Maybe try using some service like bitly for your links, see if that helps.

update about my bio being deleted, i removed emoji’s that were “sexual” (just the tongue emoji and peach emoji) and so far none of them have been removed, before this they were removed on a daily basis

nice, i guess now the link also doesn’t get deleted.

Nope I’m trying to change the link still ghosted. I’m gonna try to remove all links and wait a few days and add it back!