Link not allowed - error from instagram

Hey guys i have a client from the ecom category and we started with automation a month back.
They are getting this error on 2 profiles where same link is there in bio.
we are not able to do any actions on the profile when that link is present in bio.
It’s companys main url and the website is also not hacked or anything. I dont know why the link is blocked.

I have removed the link from the profile for now and it’s working properly without the link but as soon as we put the link this error comes again. Client is pissed as their main business comes from the website and they want to solve this problem asap

Your help and advice is needed guys please help!


use cloacker 13chars

never used them bro can you suggest any?

Had this also with my main store some time back, i spammed IG and FB support for solid 2 days. I didnt get any response but link and store were unblocked after 2-3days

hey they were unblocked on their own?

Well as i said i reported the issue multiple times to IG and FB, not really sure how much that helped. But you should try:-)

Use linktree. If you’re already unaware of what it is, it’s a shortened link that takes you to a mini landing page in which you can click on more links.

So when they click it they could be presented with 3 options for example

‘Shop now’ - website

If you really don’t want to do that, buy a cloaker like the other person in this thread said

what kind of product he has ? i read that instagram scan the page where the link point to so maybe he sells something does not appeal to IG
as stated above you can use such solution or cloak your domain using another new domain
this clocker is free

i know linktree bro already told client about that but they have freaked out since their main brand domain is blocked for some reason!

hey the client as fashion based products nothing which ig wont allow.
The link got blocked in the 1st month of using automation service so maybe it has to do something wit that.

bro how do i use this clickgum cloaker i have used a cloaker before just link shortners and linktree.

so is it like my clients domain is and it’ll be turned into something else ?

Your ideal solution is to get a cloaker. It’s not a cheap solution, but it will bring a bit of peace of mind your link. Linktree links get taken down just like any other type of link, they’re not immune unfortunately.

This has nothing to do with needing a cloaker if the website is legitimate. This happened to a couple clients of mine as well. The link is falsely flagged by their system. You need to submit it on

Enter the link there and its something about “tell them why they are wrong” After a couple days their link will work fine again.

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hey i have done that now thanks! i entered the link and in the box i wrote about the problem. hope it works! Thanks for the resource!

hey can you tell me how did you try ig and fb support?

hey i have tried this again today for the 2nd time lets see what happens.

i tried using that link on other accounts and it gives the same error on all profiles.

Hi everyone,

What link shortener are you using? I’m new to adding links and need to be sure accounts won’t get banned.