LinkedIN Settings Best / Safest Practices?

I got dinged on my LI account for automation so I knocked the settings down extremely significantly and had been running them fine for a while, but recently got dinged again so want to make sure I dont get hit a 3rd time because they may block my account for good then.

Does anybody have some recommended settings that have been running successfully? I am simply looking to grow my connections within a specific industry through hashtag targeting. Nothing crazy. I do have auto contact on for connection request that I accept, but its like 5 per day 1 per hour only running 2 - 3 days a week.

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15-17 connection requests / 7 days a week


18-22 requests / 5 days a week

Keep in mind the spam filters may detect things like hashtag searching, more than actual connection requests.


Hmmmm. It must be that then because my settings are much lower than the ones you recommended. Thanks for your help

Also, you may want to try and use the upload contacts tool. It works like a charm. Also, they are testing the quality of the IPs now, so 4g proxies work best.

I tried the same accounts using different proxies and 4g proxies outperformed all of the other ones, but I have used datacenter ones successfully as well.

With 4g proxies I could add several people from scratch, but all the accounts I bought from different providers got banned eventually. Maybe focusing on creating the accounts from scratch is the way to go.

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I use another software to manage our client accounts but we manage our personal and “marketing” accounts with MP…

17-21/day connection requests
100-200/day uploads
50-100/day messages

Profile matters a bunch with LinkedIn…