Linking one shop to many ig accounts


If you were about to link one online store to 100 accounts, which path would you choose?

  1. Simple link in the bio, the same link on all accounts.
    Cons: probably IG is going to link all of the accounts and greatly reduce the reach of posts and lower the trust score.

  2. Discount link in the bio, so the first half of the link is the same, but the last part is unique for each account, so in theory you can even better track the results.
    Cons: Question if the IG will still consider those accounts as one cluster, because the page is still the same. It already works if you dm people from different accounts with different discount link, they will summon a ban/ ev wave on all of them after some time.

  3. Different discount coupon in the bio with a mention of main account, no link in the bio.
    Just as each slave was an influencer.
    Cons: more steps to take for potential customer, may loose interest half way.
    Pros: you can set up 10 mains and 20 “slaves” per each main to generate traffic.

  4. Any other ideas? How would you link that many accounts to one store in the least steps, without red flagging the whole operation?

Havent read the full thing but what i can say is that they dont necessairly get banned when same link in bio of 50+ accs however the link will very often end up broken (unable to reach page) when people tap the link.(from own experience). I believe that as long as the main domain name is the same the issue will persist no matter if subpage or coupon page. As far as i have read about it the only way is cloacking or buying different cheap domains and redirecting. But dont pin me on it.