or safe or not?

I’ve been hunting, but can’t find a discussion about these linkin-profile/bio services.

I want to use them for affiliate marketing via Instagram. Seems like a good solution, but how does this compare to other methods of getting inbound traffic to my IG page to click on affiliate links? Is this a “safer” method?

Anyone using them for affiliate marketing with success, or does IG block your account?

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First time I hear about this.

This is from their homepage:
“I love that Link in Profile allows me to drive traffic to whatever site I choose to link to – my own website, my Etsy shop, my blog, other blogs featuring my work, or other selling platforms. Since I’m not limited to driving traffic to one source, I can change it up with every IG post."

If that’s all they’re offering, then… we already have that feature - change URL with each post you publish. Just add [WEBSITEURL] at end of your post and link in bio will be changed.


You’re missing the point. With IG you will get banned if you put in a direct CPA link, but this way you are taken to a page that has your posts with descriptions and a link there. Thus, no direct profile link that might get you in trouble. I started this topic to find out if anyone’s tried to use this service/technique with any amount of success.