Links for instagram?

do instagram still accept links in dm and bio ? if yes wich ones ? if i run 100 accounts can i put links in bio and dm ?

it depends of the type of link and if you are spamming with this accounts

yes i try to spam

up ! any help please ?

yes you can put link but since you are tying to spam you will most likely face many issues and end up with blocks/verifications and you will be obliged to remove the link.

so is better to send traffic to a mother account ? this will not be a problem to send dms with hundreds accounts with same mother username ?

Make sure that IG can’t relate those child accounts by anyways and that you are not sending more than 20 DMs per day while on warm up period and no more than 30-40 DMs per day per account afterward.

thank you for your answer , i`m trying to send 20 dms a day …

you can start with 1 DM per hour and a limit of 15 - 20 DMs a day… if that works well for you, then you can gradually add more messages to send

Yeah, I agree. That’s the best limit for the warm-up process.

just make sure that those accounts have nothing in common, nothing that IG can relate them with, you send the mother account username in different ways to keep things safe and make sure to stay below 25 DM per account.