Links & Profile Data


Link question:
Did some research, some people are saying use URL shorteners and some are saying just use your link to your landing page. May I ask what is the best approach to avoid instagram crawlers?

Profile Data question:
I was wondering when you warm up your account and enter the profile data, are you guys entering what your niche is about? For example:
name - freefollowers333
bio - Click link below for free followers

Or just
name - Jack
bio - Hello

This is for the warm up stage with an aged account (3+ months old).

Hope you guys can help me out!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Since I buy the accounts, they usually have some random username and no bio.

I’m starting warm up process with the username I got. Couple of days later, I’m adding the bio, changing username and keep using settings for warming up, after couple of days more I’m adding the link too and keep the same warm up settings. In a week or so, I’m starting with more aggressive settings.

It doesn’t really matter will you use url shortener or your domain there, what matters is what IG will find when they visit your site/LP/prelander.

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IG bots are always crawling constantly, I must add

Thanks guys really appreciate it :slight_smile:

What proxy supplier do you guys use and have not counter any trouble so far?

@JEEZY Here’s our recommended proxies provider >> Here <<