List Of Action Limits for New Account?

Does anybody have a list of action limits for a new account? For example how many likes/follows/comments can you make before you get blocked on a new account.

Thanks so much

Would like to know this as well !

Depends on Account and Proxy Quality :sweat_smile: man if there were 100 certain numbers for things like that it would be great :rofl:

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yes I agree with @Derdam if the account quality or the proxy is bad, the account can receive blocks after only a few actions. also, there’s a case where you can follow hundreds accounts on the 1st day, it doesn’t mean that is a safe limit in the long run. To find safe limits for your accounts, you should test different limits on your accounts and let the tools run for at least a week.

It’s best to start really slow and then to build your way up until you see what limits suit your account the best. This is because limits are really different on each account as was previously said on the thread.

Yes but it’s hard to test now as over limit has resulted in deactivation of the account for me in many cases. I was just looking up info online and it said you can follow 7 people per minute and up to 140 per day

what about unfollowing ?

Yes, limits vary per account but the best way is not to go over 100 in a day for starters, so let’s say start around 50 actions per day, then see how it goes and gradually increase from there.

For unfollowing, another important factor is you do not execute the follows and unfollows at the same time since you cannot really do those things at the same time when you use the app. So make the interactions look human-like.

Which 4G Proxy Provider worked the best for you guys?

The key is to think like a real user. Would a real user make an account and follow 100 people in one day? would they spam heaps of non followers? No, of course not.

So, make your warmup human-like and build up to higher levels over time. You will find along the way how fast you can push because IG will let you know. This is when bocks and verifications start.

As others said though, you need a good account and a good proxy. Having one of these red-flagged will result in headaches.

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Current safe limits :

  • Likes for users feeds: 150-200 per day
  • Likes for timeline posts: 300-400 per day
  • Follow: 150-200 per day
  • Unfollow: 150-200 per day
  • DM to new threads: 20-30 per day if aged, 10-15 if new account
  • DM to existing threads: not limited
  • Comment: 20-30 per day
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I would say those limits are only safe if the account is not sharing a proxy with many other accounts. More accounts on the same proxy the less you can do.

I notice anything close to 150 follows a day causes issues on my setup. But I run 10 accounts per 4g.

This is on jarvee though. Manually can go way higher when aged.

I’d agree with @heroeslair that these are considered a lot nowadays when using automation. You can further lower this to 50 - 100 Follows and Unfollows per day.

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