List of common Indian male names


I’m looking for a list of Indian male names. Does anyone know where I would find such a thing? I did a preliminary search and could’t find a large enough list.

This is for a female client who is a tantric practitioner and is a getting a notable amount of Indian, male followers sending her creepy DMs.


This is awesome. Because I know exactly what you are talking about. Keep me updated on this one. Ha!


the list in this website seem pretty comprehensive, just needs a basic web scraping tool to extract all names to one list.


This website is pretty solid, you need to check it I think :innocent:


@RaphaelReborn that website is genius! thanks for sharing.


I’ve definitely been needed this. There’s so many fake Indian accounts invading the music niche


Nothing helpful to say, but this is hilarious that we have to deal with this.