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Hey guys,

in order to increase my Hashtag reach I would like to mix up my hashtag strategy a llt bit.
Therefore I’ld like to mix up beetween hashtags that have only like 50k-200k and less posts .

Do you know any tool or website where I can search for hashtags and receive their posts count.

Thx a lot for your help, if you have any better ideas or suggestions I am looking forward to hearing them :slight_smile:


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Try this site:


You can do this with Jarvee, there is Users and Hashtags tool from where you can get great insights when it comes to hashtags.

yes, but it is not displayed in a friendly way, with this site you can have a better understaning of the hashtags, you see the posts!, filter them, and export the results you want.

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Awesome thx a lot guys ! love the MetaHashtags website !


Thank you! :smiley: