List of IG rules suggested by Socinator (maybe old but they claim they are working)

I just spoke with the guys from this service called Dominator and they say that all works just fine if u follow these rules, which seems to be the official rules of Ig in these days.

If you’re promoting your Instagram account, you should study the following recommendations very carefully. Sticking to these points you can protect your account from getting blocked by Instagram.

What’s important to note here is that there’s no universal limits for Instagram, a lot of factors come to play here. We’ll mention a few important ones :

  • Age of Instagram account
  • Size – Number of followers
  • Overall engagement (commenting, liking)
  • Active/inactive accounts

The limits issue should be treated from 2 points - trusted accounts and new ones.

Trusted account s :

  • Likes Limit : Not more than 30-40 likes in an hour.

  • Followers Limit : Not more than 30-40 users to follow in an hour.

  • Followers + Likes Limit : no more than 1800 (900 + 900) every 24 hours with the minimum time interval of 60 – 80 seconds.

  • U nfollow Limit : The interval of 60 - 80 seconds.

  • Mentions Limit : 5 nicks in a message with the interval of 40-60 seconds.

  • Comments Limit : Not more than 12-14 an hour with the interval of 40-60 seconds, overlimit might be treated as spam.

  • Posts : You shouldn’t add too many images to a new Instagram account, the best practice is to post not more than 2-3 images a day, and for older accounts this figure is 9-12 images.

New accounts:

  • The actions interval for the first 12-20 days after the account has been created is 40-80 seconds.

  • The total limit is 500 actions a day (follow, unfollow, like etc)

*Note : Frequent change of devices. Instagram keeps track of logging devices, and switching between them too often during a short period of time might get your account blocked until your circumstances are clarified.

I’m not related to their service in any way. I’m just sharing these info which seems to work in their system.



should run straight into JV

I think so yes. Unless J is not flagged in some way by IG…


900 follows every 24 hours. what is it, may 2019?


This is an old articale from 2017

Created by: DominatorHouse Support
Modified on: Thu, 15 Jun, 2017 at 4:11 PM

They linked it to me few minutes ago, I suppose it was updated.
I asked if they app is working with no blocks. They said: yes if you follow these rules.

I’m just sharing these info which seems to work in their system.

That’s a red alert, they are telling you to follow a guide from 2017 which is very unprofessional from them. i wouldn’t bother my self using their bot. i have seen so many negative reviews about them in BHW

They offer a 1$ trial. Should I try it and let u know if it works? What do u think @ZackMD1 ?

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So what would be a correct guide to get around this comprising and how do I recover my account from comprising? Do I just let it sit and wait? Because one of my accounts just got off block and I followed 1 person and it got back on for another 7 days. Had to reset the password again too

Yes seriously if jarvee don’t change drastically their startegy to not let us get trapped by insta easly i think tgey will stop banking hard with subscription as no one will continue with them

I already told them this is the last month I’m paying. It’s absurd u have to pay for something is not actually working as supposed to.

To be fair they are not the only ones even gmt,followliker… Have these issues i think only people who can follow now more than 150/200 per day successfuly with 0 block are the ones who uses sophisticated private api bots but for us the majority we have to stand out let’s make a thread here to talk about suggestions idea to give to jarvee and stop questions for their support as they will do nothing for us

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