List of not follwing me back profiles

HI All!

I’m new here! Hope you guys can help me! :slight_smile: Fantastic community here!

I have a 14k profile and I can’t use any of the apps to see who doesn’t follow me back.
I just need a tool able to tell me who doesn’t follow me back, possibly exportable in a list where I can then unfollow the profiles 1 by 1 manually.

Do you have any suggestion? Apps don’t work anymore due to the size of the profile

thank you all for the support!

Use a scraper to create a list of your followers and followings and then use excel to delete all values that are the same in both lists: then the remaining values in the following list is everyone who does not follow you back.

do you know one scraper which works greatly for this purpose?
I tried the one with JW but there are sooo many values in the excel, it’s bit messy

Use JV.

  1. Scrape your followers
  2. Scraper your followings
  3. Export the results
  4. Compare the 2 sheets on any online comparison service like:
    It can be done in excell too.
  5. Remove the none followers.