List of Sites That'll Make your Day 10x Easier & Efficent

Free Hosting for Sites under 1mb:
Note Taking or Journaling: I prefer
Download Stock Photos: or
Upcoming Event List:
Read Medium Stories for Free: chrome extension
Content Spinner:
Audio Files to Text:
Copy Writing Guides:
Free (DC) Proxies:


thank you so much bro the last site offers Free Private Proxies!

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Oh wow, this is for real? This is nice btw.
Thanks dude.


Yup, I have 1000 free proxies now. You can register with a tempmail

You get 1GB/Month free… :thinking:

yap, and i can make a lot of account with that.
And you can upgrade it by yourself if you want right

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Good idea, so you only use it for account creation?

Definitely going to start using a few of these! Thanks

I was looking for that! thank you ! :pray::heart:

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Your welcome, I’ll be making more threads like this when I find useful resources

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workflowy is great.

I’ve been using it for notetaking and lists for over a year and loving it.


I’ve only been using it for a couple months. It made things way easier. I could even say too easy


Are you using these free proxies with IG? Not having any verification or block issues?

I would avoid free proxies for IG…

They are not worth the risk. You have no idea what others have done with those before you get them.


Thanks bro :slight_smile:

Thank you for this solid share and especially these links. It’s awesome tools. Do you know is it possible to get the pics more than 1000px using the services?

No, I’ll look for a way though!

even for account creation they may be useful?

That’s a question id ask @roy

I’d say no, I don’t have much experience with making accounts on data center IP’s, but when I tried accounts got banned faster(that may be due to human error though)