Listing Account Names that include a keyword

Hi everyone,

I am trying to figure out whether there is a non-manual way of listing all users that include a certain keyword as part of their user name.
Manually, one has to search the keyword in a certain category of artefacts i.e. posts, accounts, groups etc. then open each result and add it to a spreadsheet or similar.
I would like to automate this process as I have to do it periodically.

The ultimate goal is to identify new registrations of usernames (that use a certain keyword).

The goal would be to do this across several platforms, including facebook, instagram, pinterest, but also others…

I know of tools that verify whether account names are still available (e.g., however, these are limited to the exact string one is searching for. I am interested in finding all usernames that include a certain keyword, not only exactly that keyword.

Anyone an idea how to go about that?