Little Method for more Engagement

As we know a lot of people have dm groups with their friends even some of them add us on their groups lol so to us this in our advantage all you do is :

  • Post your content
  • Make a great CTA on Story ,Caption,Even Bio
    You can buy a shoutout and tell the audience of the other account to add your account on their dmgroup
  • When it’s done you will have some dmgroups pops out everywhere on your dm list but now it will be now highly targeted people with potential new followers and potential engaged people

This will make your account taken as a friend account because the algorithm will see that people tag you add you into their groups… And it’s really important for the growth of the account to have a personal aspect with the audience even if you just want to milk money with your account

If on a post of 20k likes you get 100 person add you in their private friend group (btw you have to tell people that have to add you to only on niched groups ) if a personn have only 10 personn that love your niche then it’s more effective than being added on a random group as it will be less targeted

Now the issue come : Will people really add me into their groups ?

  • Trust me i thought the same at the beginning but i sae the engagement increasing heavily and people tagging their friends or even people creating specific groups with their friends just to add me on it

Do i have to maintain discussion ?

  • This can be solved easily you will be like a discord bot who annouce some updates lol all you have to do so you stop “annoy” people is to make them feel special or make them feel prioritized like use on the cta some unique hashtags like #unicornegang people will support you especially if you have a great fan base
    Also you can scrape them and l+c sometimes their content

You can twist this with your own stuff like do a giveaway and tell people to create a dm group with their friends and to add you it’s like a little facebook groups where you will have engaged audience and make one personn attract another
And it can be even a cta for story …

Don’t know if there is any bot who can dm not only 1 personn but all the group automatically so whenever you post something you share the image+cta on all the targeted groups so you get more engagement

Hope this helps you a little bit guys