Little muslim girls taking over the instagram

did anyone else noticed hes search page boombed with
little muslim girls singing? almost everytime i hit search page i see at the videos you might like
some little muslim girl singing, i even start to block this girls i allready blocked like 3 of them and i still keep seeing this kind of posts/videos in the search section, whats is all about? is this kind of a new niche little muslim girls??this is kind of a little muslims instagram gang? this one with 400k+ followers >nadzwaaf
another one>nadzwalf (i think its kind of a gang)
again, >juastories (its the same little muslim girl, wth)
another muslim girl doing this …what ever are they doing, >dy.yol
whats up mpsocial? :open_mouth:

A new Instagram meme?

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The search page is full of relevant searches based on your past history…



Maybe he like muslim girls :metal:


… no i dont search for little muslim girls lol, this shit is just apear in my search page, i even block them and they keep poopin

I don’t have that problem. Another thing it could be is your location and any accounts/posts that you haved liked. Either that or Zuckerberg must have created a very special algorithm just for you!


Or your computer get some malware (though if it is malware, it should affect your entire browser and not just IG). Jeez right now some ads virus have entered my computer and keeps on showing ads when I use Firefox. And they are pretty good at hiding. It’s hunting time

Poopin singing muslim girls? That’s some strange shit mate, hope they find a cure…


It’s probably not ads, it is a proxy provider or your hosting that allows ads most likely.

lol yes im from middle east (israel) i thought so


Well, while these girls are muslim, they are filipino indonesian.

im telling you maan, they just keep poopin all day on my search page
this little muslim girls are the next level of marketing, they are killing it
its a block war and i still get those poopin little mushlim girls maan

No, It’s my real computer. I no longer use any server


Huh? What makes you think they are Indonesians?

Then it’s your proxy provider or maybe you should not click on CPA offers. :ok_hand: :spy:

Their language as well as their tags for one.

Also right in their bio.

Yesterday I am looking for some cracked software. It is at that time the virus enter my computer

You can better watch Hot Israeli Army Girls​:fire::fire:

Damn they are hot! I will never do anything if I would come across them during a war. at least nothing bad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: