Live chat, does it make sense? What do you think?

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Would administrators be able to add / make live chat?
I spend a lot of time in this forum and it would be nice to talk to everyone in live chat.
Is this pointless in the forum, because then the topics may not be created?
What do you think?

What would that change?

I don’t think it’s necessary for a forum…

plus, isn’t that against the rules ?:thinking:


In level 2 we have that in meetups often. @HenryCooper being the guy kind enough to set it up


I’m literally counting down the days until I’m part of the gang


For please, I thought that nobody answers and today I look and here are the answers :slight_smile:
I know, but it would be great.
I work for 10-12 hours, in addition, during this time, I gain knowledge and learn about.
So it would be great to write in real time and talk about different things.
But I think that topics would not be created then and some website would be made with chat: D
But you can always ask a question :slight_smile:

Then you should definetly come to the meetups like @Alexnvo recommended :slight_smile:


Are you writing? Do you talk?