Location error message


Some older photos of mine had a location on them but after some time the location disappeared and whenever I try to add a new location it always says there is an error saving the changes. Has this happened to any of you and do you know how to resolve this issue? Or is the photo blocked from adding a location?

It never happens to me. Can you add another location on your post? or does the error appear regardless of which location you choose?

Can you add a location on another account’s post using the same device?

Yes the locations on my other posts are fine and I can change them, but on some posts where it use to show the location it has disappeared and whenever I try to add a new one (no matter where the location is) it says there is an error. I’m thinking that it might be a bug.

Are you currently running any automation or using a proxy?

No. Another thing I was thinking is that maybe the location got removed and that’s why it disappeared in the first place

Sounds like a bug buddy.
Lately IG is having issues. If you check. Downdetector people are complaining over some crazy things. So I guess this issue of yours is also one of those.