Location, Proxies and Blocks

My data shows that accounts who are not using the app much or at all are running fine and no blocks.

I’m running two different companies mobile proxies, international, and they both perform the same.

Its the client using in a different location that creates the blocks. I’m not sure if using USA proxies for me will solve this or city specific.

Anyone have any thoughts?


not clear soory

Proxy Location and Account creation location work best together if you want to use JV longterm

I think its extremely vital for clients not to do actions right now

Inactive clients have way less blocks than active ones from my experience

That’s been my experience until this week but now even accounts that do not have clients are being blocked sometimes.

Not sure why

I think we have to differentiate the block types:

  1. blocks caused by shit proxy,
  2. blocks due to location difference
  3. blocks caused by bad settings
  4. blocks due to client using the account

This pretty much outlines the solution (or at least suggests a way to achieve the least amount of blocks):

  1. have a hq clean proxy
  2. in the client’s city
  3. have good settings
  4. do it while they sleep.

How can it be done? No idea…hmu if you find out.