Locked out because of annoying photo authentication

A while ago I opened an important fb page using a secondary fb personal profile. This fb profile has about 1000 friends, but I don’t personally know there people. I didn’t use my real name.

I never set up phone verification or the security question.

Recently I tried to log in (right password) but given the different PC/IP, it asked me to verify my account with the friend’s photo recognition.

Obviously, I cannot recognize the right people.

I tried to contact the support several time, but they never answer. What can I do to get my account back? It is very important.

Thank you.

If you’re being asked for friends recognition, and you can’t do it, you’ll hardly get your account back. I’m afraid you’ll have to let that profile go.

But it doesn’t make sense…What about famous people? Can they recognize all their friends?

Are you guys sure there is no way to get that account back? If not, can I at least ask to close it? After all, I am the owner and I should have the right to close it.

Please let me know what I should do