Logged into 10 accounts at once

I was logged into 10 accounts at once. Like i could switch between them without having to log in and out. I needed to log into another account so i had to log out of 6 of them. Now i can’t get past being logged into 5. Any work around this? How was I able to to be logged into 10 before but now i can only do 5??

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when you have more than one account attached to one account (hopefully you get what i mean, as in one password and email is connected to multiple accounts) it lets you sign in with more than 5. You can try connecting your new account to one of the accounts already signed in, then sign out of that account then sign back in with the email and password. I explained that very poorly but hopefully it helps!

Yeah i’m still a little confused it won’t let me log into more then 5 now. it says i have reached the limit

you can have more than one account attached to one email and password, that allows you to log in with more than 5 accounts

Install Parallel space for Android (assuming you use android phone). Copy IG app there and add 5 more accounts. You’ll have 2 IG apps on your phone and you can easily use all 10 accounts.

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Yes, do what @Adnan said OR you can install App Cloner, and clone IG app and you still have 2 IG apps, but it’s the same idea, and APP Cloner is not free.

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