Logging into aged account

I bought some Facebook pva aged accounts. I use no proxies and clear cookies all the time. I use my home IP with family and friends that log into their Facebook accounts with no problems.

Will I be blocked if I log into one aged account for the first time with no activity?

Chances you’re getting blocked are pretty high. Doesn’t really matter if you use a proxy or not by a handful of accounts.

Furthermore you won’t be able to unblock it if Fb wants to send you a cose to the number attached to your account.

Rather buy non pva accounts and get some SIMs from @kraadnc

I just buy non pva accounts. Will I be fine if log into one non pva account if I clear cookies and use my home IP address?

Friends and family log into their their Facebook accounts fine using my IP address. They never receive locks on their Facebook accounts.

You may and you may not have a problem like this.

But working like this is not safe, because the first moment one of your accounts is flagged you’ll lose everyone of them… because you’ve left traces all around, footprints etc… And it’s very easy to lose all of your accs in just one go…

If one account gets flagged in my home IP address, does that mean that all of my friends and family Facebook accounts get flagged if they log into their accounts in my home IP address?

If the IP gets flagged :triangular_flag_on_post: everybody using this IP uses a flagged IP.

I plan to log into 1 non pva Facebook account and warm it up with the use of my home IP. I already work with 60 Facebook accounts working for 2 years without having any problems. During those 2 years, I had 13 accounts disabled basically from bought aged accounts. I always clear the cookies. My friends and family use this IP for 2 years and did not have any blocks to their Facebook accounts

You use 60 Fb accounts on one IP ? Good on ya mate. No idea how you manage but keep doing what you’re doing. I run 1 Fb accounts on one IP and got heaps of blocks or disabled accounts since end of last year when Fb changed something on their end. Residential proxies, datacenter proxies, dedicated ones doesn’t matter, all of them get hit by a block sooner or later. I’m just adding them in bulk, warm them up and use them to mass promote my shops as quick as possible. It would be my dream to use 60 accounts on one IP