Logging into IG accounts on one device!

Hello everyone,
i run many IG accounts on Jarvee and all of them are connected first to my phone so i can click “this is me” when i log in using Jarvee and also to confirm the login once i am kicked out from Jarvee.
Now the idea, my phone can’t handel many account! what are you doing in this situation? any idea where i can log in to as many accounts i want without getting any flags!
Thank you )

Are you using any apps or programs to spoof your phones Id, location etc?

You can add up to 5 accounts in IG. Then, some of the latest phones now have an app clone option from their settings, you can clone IG there so you can login more accounts.

No, i am using nothing!

That might be a big problem tbg. One of my friends his own Personal account got blocked even that he do nothing with it! and two days ago an old strong account got blocked also! i told him it must be your Phone id or home ip.
Do you have any solution for that ?

yes i know that the idea is i want to add as much as i want without my accounts getting blocked!

You can try using the app called appcloner and purchase the addons. There quite a few things that need to be checked for it to work so I suggest searching this forum to see what they are. I havn’t used it in awhile and not for what you want to do.

Otherwise you can use an app that can change the mobile into a proxy and use that proxy to login on jarvee and then switch proxies, make sure you use flight mode to change ip. I don’t know any apps that work as I used to use proxidize but they took it down. So test the ones on app store or use hotspot.


They must be doing something to get them blocked or someone else has done something on the wifi to flag the ip, They need to figure out what caused the block. I asume you mean on their phone or do you mean in jarvee?

Thanks for the info i will check the apps!
Flight mode will bring me new 4g ip but wouldnt bring new phone id. so i think i would risk the accounts if i add more then 10 right ?

yes personal, and he did nothing at all! like SUPER weird!

The account should pass if using the same 4g connection on jarvee. Mine did anyway. If not, use appcloner.

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You can have up to 20-30 accounts with dual apps just switch airplane mode on/off on every 5 accounts and you are good to go mate!

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