Logging out all active sessions for tens of accounts daily - wave July 2020


currently I’m managing over 200 client accounts and after update from 29 June to version Jarvee broke down for me. For the first time in a few years with this software I began to notice that everyday (starting from the first week of July) tens of accounts are getting logged out - only from Jarvee or from all sessions. In most cases this logout problem includes sessions on client’s phone or internet broswer.

Customers after logging out from their phones often have to provide a verification code to log back into their profile again, which is annoying to them. Sometimes they change the password for security reasons (as after inputting 6 digits verification code they see “suspicious login attempt” notification). Every day I lose most of the day to contact customers for new passwords and verification codes.

I cannot log those accounts back without 6-digit code, no matter what IP or device ID I use. It just go from valid to action required and right after - to e-mail confirmation status. When I hover the tool I see something like this:

I’ve checked everything:

  • API FE / EB+API (some users report that EB only is resistant to this problem)

  • 4G proxies and tested for years DC proxies with 200-700 milliseconds of response time (24/7)

  • New VPS and fresh installed Jarvee software

  • Resetting device IDs and putting new IP adress

  • Switching off all tools (follow/unfollow/like)

I cannot find solution for this problem even after couple VPS/software cunsultations via anydesk. Moreover even if I contact the client and put verification code from text/e-mail - in some cases it will work for a day and then all sessions will be logged out once again. No matter if the account is new onboarded or with couple years of automation history. Sometimes a break of several days helps to make it work stable again, but it is not known for how long.

I tried to work on this with Jarvee support @Stiletto, but we couldn’t find the reason. They advised me not to use accounts while they are active on Jarvee, but this issue is not only related with client accounts. This problem is present also on scrapers and on my company’s accounts (no one is using those on phone, only in software). Autorelog option and logout old sessions option is unchecked. Scraping and syncing is done via scrapers. VPS is strong: 32 GB RAM, 8 CPU (20-30% usage with 200+ client accounts and 200+ scrapers), 60GB SSD disk space left.

Have any of you encountered such a problem?

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Same here but not on a scale of yours. I found turning off phone verification or using 2FA backup codes working fine. I hope it solves what you are looking for!

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Having the same issue for the past week. I initially thought it was a proxy issue. I’ll keep testing.

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The mobile and datacenter IPs are showing the same symptoms?

Show us your advanced social profile settings.


Yes, those loggouts are heppening since a week both for DC proxies and 4G proxies. I am still looking for patterns or bad settings, but I haven’t found it yet.

Advanced social profile settings:

And the global social platform settings for Instagram :heart:

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Sure, please find them below:

Hi @Kacper_Kiedrowski

We replied to your email and asked for binary files for some of the accounts. Please send them along with logs so we can check it out.

Thank you.

hii i have the same problem in the last few days
i can’t login via API only login via EB for some accounts
even if i try verify by email or sms
its get a filling massege

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Please contact support and do what I already suggested to OP

@Stiletto yes, I sent binary files couple days ago, but I didn’t received any reply.

Almost 80 client accounts have logged out over the last 10 days. This means that I have to contact nearly 10 clients every day for 6-digits verification code.

I’ve checked your messages and couldn’t find the one with binary files.

Could you please PM me email address that you used to contact support, just to be sure I’m checking the correct email.


I’m in the same boat. so much update…
i slow down a bit all limite and stay in full EB

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Yes, after update from 29 June to version Jarvee broke down for me. I wonder if the logouts problem also occurs on alternative software.

Please check your PM.

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Update for everyone with similar problem - based on logs Instagram is constantly logging sessions when Jarvee is trying to unfollow a user:

{“message”: “login_required”, “error_title”: “You’ve Been Logged Out”, “error_body”: “Please log back in.”, “logout_reason”: 2, “status”: “fail”}

After update from 29 June to version I am noticing however that accounts are getting logout daily without even tools switched on. We are still looking for solution, as since those two weeks I lost connections with over hundred accounts (it just goes from valid to action required status).