Login loop through api

Hi guys, I am running into this problem and can’t seem to find a solution. There are some accounts I am able to login through EB but when I try to log in with AIP it got stuck in a it was me loop. Anybody having the same problem? Any suggestions will be truly appreciated! Thanks

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What I did and it helped me is that I disabled two-factor authentication, logged out of the account from Embedded browser of that account. Then I went to Advanced settings of that account and checked option not to use Embedded browser to login and then I managed to verify it finally.

Yes, that worked for me as well.

Today I had Email verification loop on my scrapper account. Resetting device ID helped me solve the issue. After i reset the device ID, I requested code via API, then my account went valid after I clicked verify using code. I didn’t need to log in on EB.

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