Login operation evey 30 MIN - New issue?

Hey Guys,

I Have a new issue, the accounts keep executing and they do that every few Min

I checked few times my General settings + the follow/unfollow settings +advanced settings
(I don’t use the option “logout/relogin only on second consecutive block not on the first block”)

I couldn’t find anything, someone knows what can be the issue in this case?



can you share a screenshot of the Advanced Profile Settings tab a full screenshot of that page

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Thank you for the reply, Luca!

I found the issue, My VPS working on 100% CPU, I upgrade the server and that’s solve the problem.


That’s a cool solution. Thanks for sharing that :pray:

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so the issue was CPU or did you upgrade everything, RAM and storage, becase lack of storage might casue the same issue.

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nice work Niso Kalizo

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Yes, exactly :slight_smile:

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We are glad to hear that.

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Good work and thanks for shearing.

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good job. good sharing.

For ‘check login operations’, please note that it does not necessarily mean that a login is executed. It just checks if the account is logged in, and it does nothing.

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great share! Have experienced that too and that was definitely the solution that saved me :slight_smile:

I enjoy seeing the community working together and helping each other :slight_smile: :muscle:

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