Long term growth -- social stuff often neglected, don't,

We all want to grow – that is why we are here – be it you bot or not, ( that could be a rap song lyric no?)
Okay, the missing link is social networking but with one area often forgotten – grow together.

In your journey don’t trust anyone – no matter what the size of the account is UNTIL they prove themselves to be so. It is easy to be conned early on and even later – common sense right?
yes, and often very much forgotten.
There is a simple rule –
Grow together and share the growth together. As you get bigger they hopefully get bigger also.
Develop the ‘social bonds’ needed to help each other.

This area – ‘friendship networking’, not ‘business networking’ is the key. We do more for friends than we do for any damn business. This is not a short term deal folks – it takes time to grow and find such people. And treat them as humans not how many damn followers they may add. I owe my success mainly to this – I was lucky to find and keep a few ‘golden friends’ who helped me when I needed advice. I had questions and looked here, often found it. Sometimes mpsocial did not have what I needed – such as – should I post another post after it went viral? I asked my mentor – he did not know, I must of messaged 50 big accounts – for me that was 10k or above – at that time. Nobody would reply but one big account – she said it did not matter – the post went viral, give it a few hours and post again if you want. That person had at that time 200k+, now – I am bigger now and help her… thats how it works folks. There is more thatn just trying to get better ER and impressions – the unseen side of human relations is just as important if not more than the stuff we do of posting – content and the other nasties here. Cultivate your people… it will help you in more ways than you can ever imagine.
That lady who helped me? she is now 348K –


So true. And solid point. I really like this quote:

So often we treat the numbers as… just numbers. When in fact, behind every like, comment, view, DM… is a person (potentially, if they’re not owned by m/s or farm lol)

I find myself giving too much away at times. but most of the people I connect with, come back to me months later or they refer business to me.

So it works out to give a damn

Good topic @Alexnvo


Well…we are talking about social media, how we can forget the “social” part of it…many ppl does it.

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Totally agree with your points, as I’ve tried to do this personally over the past few years on Instagram.

I’ve built a few “friendships” that have lasted a reasonable amount of time… however, more often than not I’ve been stabbed in the back and used for their gain and then unfollowed/ghosted later, after they’ve gained enough of a following/audience from my goodwill in promoting, engaging and helping them out, without reciprocation. It sucks to be at the short end of the stick endlessly. Everyone I’ve helped has surpassed me in growth in most niches, and I struggle to get by without any support from them, or people they know.

I guess you live and learn that being “nice” is something to be careful of, or at least has to be used with caution, which you also point out, so I guess I’m not adding much with my reply beyond reinforcing your statements. Edit: Friendships are a two way street, just make sure you’re all benefiting before it turns into toxic abuse because everybody is inherently bad and/or greedy. Period.


that’s wrong , there will always be people who’ll just keep helping you without expecting anything in return .
"only the ignorant generalizes" W.shakespear


Amen. I’m abosulately agree with you. And it hurts when you help just to help somebody and they start using you as a tool…

Good topic. Good to think about this to remember. Thank you

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Amen. Love you @Alexnvo

It’s all gonna be okay, everyone. We’re all going to be better because of these times.