Look at that **** - How to deal with haters


If you’re making so much cash, how come you act so miserably? :smiley:

Thanks for the advice, I’ll send it out to one of my hundred clients. :joy:

All of you self-titled growth experts here are so afraid to lose one of your three precious clients that a simple sentence cause so much pain in your ass, it’s hilarious.

Now go and put your money were your mouth is.

Hey Sherlock, how many YouTube tutorials did you watch to figure out that luck has nothing to do with skill?

Fact is a lot of you have no clue what you’re doing and act like you’re the greatest marketing genius that this world has seen. Yet, none of you can provide any references on anything you’re saying. I’m out of here thank you for your attention.

Lots of love <3


@MyFocus - having any type of opinion and sharing on this forum is perfectly fine and even encouraged.

But, tame down the snarky sarcasm.

Once you add toxic attitude to any type of argument, your logic (correct or not) goes out of window.

At this point, all you are doing is getting into BS arguments with people who have been here much longer than you. If you keep going down that path, you’ll most likely find yourself in a pickle or even a temp ban.

In short - be nice.


Mister high and mighty @MyFocus usually I would try to prove you if you were at least a half decent person, but seeing how talking to you it’s similar to talking to an wall i won’t bother. I never claimed to be a genius and I’m not one, but i do think that if you know how to do your job the chances of your clients getting banned are really low and you won’t need to bet on “luck”.

Anyhow i will leave it at this: if you are stupid enough to think that skill comes through youtube tutorials that explains a lot about you :slight_smile:



What’s the point of this thread? Whining cause most people here have different opinion?