Look at that **** - How to deal with haters

Wrote a guide a few months ago Instagram Growth Guide (Semi-Organic)

And some people just couldn’t take the knowledge, like @Kshitij_Munjal whos only activity on this forum was to flame in my topic xD

Some people on here are really just big fucking losers.

Anyway have a great day/evening when reading this :slight_smile:

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I tried, but i stopped after line 1:



So you don’t read anything where it says something you don’t like in the headline?
Ever heard of journalism, creating interest, drawing attention and creating discussion?

Apparently not, a lot of you people, even leaders seem to only be able to work with automation, spamming and unorganic methods.

You’re a leader and can’t even contribute better than a hater.

A person in your shoes has to point people to a case study where follow/unfollow went successful. And maybe also tell them how many accounts using automation got banned recently. Oh and also maybe give them some tips on how to grow without using bots.

But you have your own way I see…


Are you truly arguing F/UF is dead? I can’t tell if this whole post is satirical or you’re really on a Instagram automation forum preaching that automation is dead?


Soooo tired of the ‘‘You are a leader bla bla bla’’…I removed it. Oke now? I can say what i want now?

7 out of 650 growing accs the last 3.5 months.

0 of more then 150 clients the last 12 months.

Thanks for asking.



Why are they always being mad at me and not at you guys!!!


Even though you’re wrong, you’re still right in one point. Automation is what keeps this forum alive, I guess you’re smart enough to know what I mean. So maybe saying it’s dead is automatically going to cause some backlash.

But mpsocial is focused on more than Instagram Automation, maybe you should have a look at all the other categories there are.

The title carries some responsibilities with it, imo. Removing it to say what you want doesn’t make you more competent.

Every fact is useless unless you can back it up.

If what you’re saying is not nonsense: Good for you!

Read the post about Instagram drastically removing inauthentic activity on their platform and you’ll see that a lot of people, that also knew what they were doing (dedicated proxies, legit PV, slow actions) weren’t as lucky as you Danny.

It’s worth saying - you’re coming off as an arrogant ass. There are multiple people on the forum making thousands from F/UF. Since you’re so concerned with proof - go check out all the journey threads. More so, here is a picture of my growth. Hopefully you can wisen up and try to learn from the forum instead of being a dick.


Dude aren’t you running the slave method if I’m not mistaken? And didn’t you make a post about something happening to some of your accounts just asking here


Telling people to wisen up when what you’re saying doesn’t have the least amount of value is a pretty bold move itself.

Take a look at how many people started Journey threads, WHEN they were started and if the creators of those threads maybe used something more than F/U to grow their accounts, shoutouts from their bigger pages for example.

Also take some time to figure out if they’re selling a product or service. I guess you can connect the dots and see where I’m going here.

Anyway, try to come off as wise yourself when giving tips.

Here’s a screenshot of a random account on instagram to prove nothing.

F/U isn’t dead people just need to lower their action per day I wrote a thread and posted a webinar explaining this. Of course I was laughed at and told the guy that was speaking wasn’t a worker at IG (which he is) and sure enough a week later Instagram started bringing the hammer down. And the fake likes thing Instagram somehow remove likes from counting towards impressions (which helps with reaching the explore page) how they did it was beyond me. Check out the webinar post for more

Strange that people with good created accounts and great proxies can still do 1000 follows a day :thinking:


I’m sure you’re refering to thekingwhip.

I appreciate that you took the time to create a webinar on this and that you advise people to go slow.

And you think doing thousands of follows a day natural ? If it works for you great!

Aside from that: Do you guys think IG doesn’t notice if you follow thousand accounts a day for several months?

Of course they’re gonna know if you’re using automation, or do you think they’ll assume you have a factory of low wage worker doing nothing then following people somewhere in Indonesia?

The fact that you’re keeping real people engaged on Instagram is fact enough for them to not ban you, but time will come.

Facebook started a campaign back in July, that slowly starts to show impact.

Strange at the same time ppl with good create accounts and LTE proxies are following 1000 and are being banned even for lower.

Maybe not good enough :wink: Imo only accounts created on a phone with mobile data are good.

@MyFocus you trying to predict the future is a waste of time and space on the hard drive this forum is saved on…

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Are you defining what counts as good created accounts or are you making a opinion?

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Yes my first post was referring to king my bad it is hard doing this from my phone the forum isn’t really mobile friendly

You trying to say what’s good and bad for this forum is a waste of energy for both readers and contributors.

I’m talking about what’s happening now, if you think this is the future then clearly you’re living in the past.

Luck has nothing to do with it…

0 out of more then 100 clients have gotten bans under my service.

Luck =/= skill
As long as you do your job properly no clients will get bans so please do cry more :smile:

if you mean by present, is the situation where im kicking back enjoying my fat stack of cash im making by no bans and happy clients… yep. Im sure @dma0245 is doing the same. #everydayisavacation <— add that to your list of relevant hashtags.