Looking for 100 facebook accounts to action a crowdfunding campaign


I need to find someone with 100 facebook accounts able to pay 2 pounds into a crowdfunding campaign by next week.
Any help on that?
They have to be set up in London, UK.
PM me, please.


Hi, its new accounts or Olds Accounts .
I have olds accounts all is usa,
if you Uk details by accounts need , then new possible
to talk Sky: servicemedia24


Pm me i will recommend you one guy who probably have this


I need here!I need here!I need here!


You can PM me


iv’e aged accs from 2010 to 2016 from sudan but they’re stable you can use them
for now i have +50 accs all are aged


Dear Hoota, Do you have good old and warmed up FB accounts for sale?. If you have, I am interested to buy. Here is my email: thotsaphumt@gmail.com


i have @Jusak i sent you message check your email


@hoota you are a criminal. Return my $150 dollars you stole. Everyone here will know the kind of low life criminal you are. (scammer)