[Looking for] 6 figures SMMA Course - By Iman Gadzhi

Hi Everyone! Anyone have the Iman Gadzhi 6 figures SMMA Course? If you do I would appreciate it you can share.


Here bro!~


Much appreciated

you just gonna waste your time all the things he said in the course you can find it in youtube or google he provided nothing new !

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Has anybody reviewed this material?
If so, what’s your opinion on it?

I have gone through the 6 figures SMMA course - Iman Gadzhi and through the Social Media Marketing School by Jordan Platten. Both are good and teach you what you need to know. Meeting scripts are almost identical. However Jordan is a bit older, has previous sales experience and his course is better in many ways. Iman tries to teach strategies for restaurants and real estate and then says he has never had a restaurant and real estate clients. Iman’s cold calling script and instruction is not very good at all. Jordan has a very good cold calling and meeting script but does not include live cold calling examples.

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Thank You brother @117


Much appreciated bro, finally on a drive
do you have google drive upload?