Looking for a bot to scrape emails of my fellow group members

Does anyone have a bot or a method to scrape emails from fellow group members? I am trying to create a lookalike list for a niche market and don’t have 100 emails. Thanks in advance!

I’m not really sure if there’s a bot for this as facebook does not show the user’s email anymore. I might be wrong though.

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There was a guy on BHW who said he has a bot and that about 10% of people still were exposed. I didn’t want to buy it until I checked around.

exposed how, they have their profile made public or?

I assume it would be able to scrape the exposed emails. From me checking really quickly I am not seeing any that are exposed unfortunately

I know a way to scrap mails frome friends. You create a yahoo acc and link it with facebook profile, yahoo doesnt rly care bout facebook policies so it will show u the mail of the contacts in their info, to scrap them u have to save the html frome yahoo, get the text of it and then play around in textmechanic.com

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Also… If youre trying to create a targeted audience for fb ads, another way is to friend your targets with fake accs, then like a page with the fake ones and promote to “friends of ppl who liked my page”