Looking for a BUSINESS PARTNER! (Revenue 2 000€+/month)

Hey guys, we are instagram marketing agency from Europe, we are looking for somebody who have skills with MP/Jarvee.
We can’t process all clients and we need help.

Actually we have more than 400 clients on IG management, minimum grow per client is 400 followers/month.
We have 100% virgin mobile proxies from client state and a lot of extracted sources with each segment.

If you have enough experience write me a DM

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2K eur revenue, 400 clients

5 Eur per account? sounds promising


Nooo! We need somebody for part of our clients :slight_smile:

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Absolutely no never no way - for myself anyway.

400 accounts is EXTREMELY hard work. That’s every account having its own configuration, campaigns, spin texts.

That my friend is not worth while for that amount.

Don’t get me wrong I’m sure there’s people out there that is desperate for money but this person should firstly take a step back and assess how he works with 10 accounts daily.

I have 300 accounts (all my own product) and I’m very very experienced with Jarvee and have people pay me to mentor them and belive me I’m at it at least 6 hours a day configuring just my own accounts that’s nearly the same.

Client account management is very hard every day now since IG continues to update their forever changing algorithms!

Software doesn’t work mate for a % of clients and will work for another %. How are you growing the accounts now?

what do you mean ?