Looking for a free site tool

Does anyone know a site where I could copy a Facebook video link or twitter video link to direct download ?

On iOS iphone

Try HTTrack 13 chars baby.

Edit : I think I know what you mean : try this one https://download-fb-video.com/fr

To download on facebook, right click on video then copy video link. Paste in browser and put m before facebook.com.

From this for example http://facebook.com/?video=245252 to this http://m.facebook.com/?=245252 and press enter. Right click on video and save the video.

For twitter you can use this chrome extension https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/flash-video-downloader/aiimdkdngfcipjohbjenkahhlhccpdbc?hl=en-US

this is a pretty solid option

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