Looking For A New Ads Team [Facebook | Adwords] To Whitelabel With

Not sure if this is the proper thread to be posting in but going to try a couple. I own a digital agency and I am not happy with my current ads team that I am white labeling my Adwords and Facebook Campaigns to

I am looking for another agency and or person to white label this work to. I’v been busy scaling my other businesses and now that these are up and running smoothly, I want to find an advertising team that I can truly trust and stand behind helping my clients see a positive ROI.

My clients are not HUGE, they are mostly local businesses, smaller brands or artists with budgets of $500-2,000 a month.

Niches range, however it’s mostly the following CTA / Objectives:

  1. Drive traffic to local business
  2. Lead Generation
  3. Ecommerce Sales

I have the webdesign, email marketing and content creation down I just need someone else to work with that can bring more creative ideas to the table and help my clients hit their objectives through our KPI’s.

I am extremely knowledgeable with FB Ads and know a decent amount about Adwords so I like to be hands on but also let the experts do their thing.

Once the ads are up and running it should not be to much maintenance and work so I am not looking for a price point of 500-1000k a month to manage ads that take up 4-6 hours a month of your time. Once we find our winning adsets and campaigns, we just scale and ride it out.

To start, we would see if there is synergy between us by going over a case study of yours and taking a look at one of other businesses that i own (one’s a Instagram Growth Service and the other is a Men’s Accessory line, i run both of these through my current ads team)

I’d like to show you what im doing via FB and Adwords and see what creative insights you can bring to the table to see where your skill sets are. I am constantly studying, learning and master the craft of digital marketing so I need a team / someone who is in the same page.

Let’s make it happen, shoot me a PM and we’ll set up a skype call.


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How many clients? How many ad sets?

what’s going on man, the workload would definitely be slow to start (1-3 clients) and as I start advertising / scaling things will pick up.

The amount of adsets are really determined by the clients budget. Some of my clients don’t have much adspend, $500-$750 a month so minimal adsets. It’s very situational.

Hello @DTRILLZ, Is it still relevant ? or you already find someone ?