Looking for a proxy provider with API access, replacements, shared or dedicated, US/EU based

It’s mainly about scraping data from social networks.

Supplier MUST have:

  • API access to the proxy list
  • IP replacement
  • unlimited transfer (or a lot of transfer)

Proxies can be shared or dedicated. Located best in the US, but can also be the EU.

I am looking for new proxy providers to download publicly available data in social networks and search engines (not google, they are better at banning than IG;)). Proxy can be shared, but only with the replacement option if it is banned too often. The proxy must be extremely cheap, bellow 0.5 $ when shopping 50-100.

I can search Google, but if someone has something to recommend, I will be grateful.

PS. No API disqualifies the provider.

Which type you need?
we have ipv6 with API, but for mobile and residential not yet available.

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