Looking for a reliable M/S service

Hi there

Currently im using a service which provides the m/s method (or fanpage they call it) since 1 months. The results are okish - with 25 childs, the results where like between 40-50 follower/day, but now somehow it changed and its more like 20-25 per day… as far as i am informed, it should be alot more?

Anyhow, i am looking for another provider… if you know something good, let me know :slight_smile:


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I was doing the same method too, but only like 10 child accounts and followers from 15 to 100 it was really random. Can I ask you how much do you pay per month ?

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I am paying enough :slight_smile: sent you PM

If you are still looking for M/S provider, PM me. I know a guy who can scale this up.

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Sure I can take a look. I coop with an agency.

I have read on different threads here that @StayStyled should be a grandmaster in providing M/S. He should be :top: quality. You might wanna hit him up.

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Hey, if you can PM the value too, I would love :slight_smile:

Without knowing how much you’re paying it’s really hard to tell if you’re paying too much.

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I would be interested to know the price and the service also. Many thanks

Hi want this service.


are you using jarvee?

What services you’re looking for?

Beware of some users, they ask for money without having a sales thread, it is surely a scam



I’d be happy to help if you had questions about mother child.

It really depends on the quality of the accounts, but also on your targeting. Targeting is incredibly important since you’re not going to get a high follow back ratio if the targeting is off

Yeah sales thread or at the very least shown a lot of knowledge on the forums. Lots of scams out there unfortunately. I was scammed on mass dm last month.

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