Looking for a SMM to grow my IG account BIG! Marketing expert needed

Hi there!

I’ve been reading the forum for a while but just registered today, not sure if this is the right thread to post this.

I’m looking to hire someone that has good knowledge and experience in IM/marketing in general to grow my personal profile (not just someone that will automate my account)

But someone with experience creating and executing successful campaigns with various techniques like: F/UF, liking, ads, shoutouts, trying to create posts that are more engaging, captions etc.

I have some knowledge on IM, and have ideas but I´d like to take it to the next level and for that I’ll need the help of a profesional, I noticed that agencies and freelancers visit this forum so I decided to post on here too :slight_smile:

Please let me know any questions you might have or drop me a PM since some details I prefer not to discuss in public.



PM me and we can talk, I’m not expert. But I do have quite a lot of knowledge in this space.

Mostly with niche based accounts (photography, fashion, etc). But a Personal account, would certainly be a great challenge and I’m open to it.

Thanks! Pm sent :slight_smile: