Looking for a Software to validate my Instagram Username List by Gender

Hey guys, I got a big list with Instagram Usernames which I would like to split between males and females. Does anyone know a Software that can do that. I could use the only male filter or only female filter in jarvee but I prefer to split them before using them in Jarvee to save more api calls.

Thanks to everyone in advance!

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you can hire a virtual assistant.

You can use EXCEL for this purpose. Blow tutorial will be helpful.
" Excel Split Names Tutorial "

send me I will do it

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good one :joy: :joy: :joy:

I did not get it
I have my own bot so I have filters sections.
I can split your list for male and females.

do you mean it is only usernames and not names? so I need to fetch the names? this is something else.

Yes, it’s usernames only.

Have to try using excel?