Looking for a solution sending bulk DMS

Lets say I have 10 accounts I want to use to send DMS to a list of users (NOT FOLLOWERS / NOT FOLLOWINGS ), just a list I scrapped with my filters.
What is the best way to do so?
I got spintax ready as well.
Not willing to use Jarvee, it doesnt work well on this case.
Anyother interesting slutios?

You will end getting blocked very fast DM’ing non followers, also open ratio will be pretty low in case you get to deliver the message. Have you considered doing mailing campaigns? about 10 - 20% of users have a public mail (depending the niche).

Doing mail and sms already, now need DMS
Ye I noticed that, most of the users dont get the DM, they get it to spam box or so, how can I fucking avoid it?

I mean I found a way on emails to avoid the spam filter and got 100% inbox, I am sure there is a way to make the same thing with DMS, any ideas?


Sounds like some illegal shit.


Hey @Mr.BTC what platform are you using for sending those SMS’s? Is it possible to know?

Ye, like I care…
The SMS platfrom is working only on my geo, some black hat shit…

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Be careful brah :upside_down_face:

Got it, thanks!

If you don’t manage to send the messages automated through Jarvee the best alternative in my eyes is to get a virtual assistant who is sending them manually through the EB of Jarvee. Manually it works good. I did it few months ago to non-followers as well and I managed to send around 30-50 DMs/account per day, with intervals of 5-10 DMs per run.

Keeping open rates high helps avoiding the blocks. Having the focus on the first message to just get a response will help. I would send offer/links in a second or third message.

Hope that helps!

Any suggestion for someone to do so?

I’ve done up to 60/day without any blocks you’ve just got to work your way up to it and engage and act like a human.

@devillaughs Did you sent the messages to followers or non-followers?

Followers, you’re going to look spammy if you sent DMs promoting something when they don’t even follow you.

Yes, it can be more than 60/day.

However it’s not achievable for every accounts. Some might be able to reach very high numbers, some others are more stuck around 20-30 DMs,

Probably a trust score stuff :thinking::gun:

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Yes, i agree with you some of my accounts can reach 60-70 per day while other 20 -25 max and they are similar on every aspect.