Looking for a tool to get volume of reserch of hashtags

Looking for a tool to get volume of reserch of hashtags
Any ideas?

This one is neat.

Plenty of options though!

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well it doesnt really give you serch volume like google trends does
anything more similar to that but for instagram?

Tool like that isnt available for free for sure, this stuff is advanced…

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I use https://flick.tech/

We need a tool that tells where you are ranked on hashtags that would be great

I tried to do this but couldn’t get it done. The problem is the web version is still stuck on top 9 format so it only works if you are in top 9. The app has top that lists all the top posts but no easy way to identify posts (no url like the web version) so unless you try to incorporate image recognition in your program, not sure how you can find your post in the top tab. I have yet to find a publicly available API call that will give me list of all top posts’ urls otherwise I can code this hashtag ranking script in python in like 30min.

Only Instagram can create such tools. In google trends, the results are coming from google own servers as they have all the data. No third party can produce such results, without access to the Instagram data.

Surprised nobody mentioned this alreasy- Hashtastic.

Paid service with a few cool features, but the only hashtag tool that uses analytics to sort your tags. There’s a couple tutorials online for figuring it out- well worth it

if it could tell you where you are or if you on the top 9 that would be great. I feel like the top 9 is the only thing that matters anyway

how do you vid iq and tube buddy do it for youtube then?