Looking for advice! IG is kicking my as$ and getting on my nerves!

Hi guys,

Havent been around for a while in here. This week I wanted to start and get back to the IG marketing and started using some old account that I never used before, they had zero activity. Started low and with minimum follow/like settings but I was hit with PV straight after few minutes.

Thought I was doing something bad with follow / like and I put almost to 0 some other accounts. BAM! again PV in few minutes. I have 2 and sometimes 3 accounts for proxy, so no issue on that. The old phone numbers I dont have any more I added those numbers like 1 year ago.

What I am looking for is an advice. Should I continue to try with the rest of the accounts that I have left, and should I get phone numbers to validate those old accounts that got PV?

I saw @BrandonBerner hasnt been around here for a while, I know he would be having answers to all my questions. :smiley:


  1. Should I continue with the rest of accounts?
  2. Should I find a phone number provider and do Phone validation?
  3. Can anyone PM me some good phone number providers?

Thanks in advance guys :slight_smile:


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